It’s time to Celebrate!

Happy New Year!
I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written and today felt like a great day to say, “hellooo!”

Happy SUPER, Blue, Blood (and birthday) Moon!
On this special occasion, I have a gift for YOU.

Because it’s my birthday as well as the SUPER, blue, blood moon, I wanted to do something special for you.
I have a gift for YOU! It’s a video to share with your friends and family on their birthday.



I’ll leave you with an inspirational “wish” to ponder …

“What will you do …
once in a Blue Moon?”

I would love to hear … please comment below …

Ruth 🙂

Ruth Wishengrad, M.Ed.
A popular, creative children’s singer/songwriter incorporates neuroscience techniques into her songs to boost self-confidence. Ruth has a Masters in Education and has interacted and taught thousands of children about confidence over her 25 years experience in and out of the classroom. Ruth brings creativity, humor and fun to everyday situations and connects with children at a heart to heart level. Visit her at: or send her an email at:




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