Want to positively change your child’s brain circuitry and enjoy a lifetime of benefits?

Watch What Kids Are Saying … After Only 8 Days!

Songs to Change Your Tune™ provide children, of all ages, meaningful tools to build strong self-concept, self-respect and self-esteem through their fun, infectious melodies and rhythms. They are for the kid in all of us! It’s only natural for occasional negative thoughts to loop in our head over and over again. Songs to Change Your Tune™ flush out the negative thoughts with the upbeat music and replace them with repeating positive messages. Research has proven that singing changes your brain and improves your wellbeing. Songs To Change Your Tune™ can help you and your child sing yourselves happy and healthy!

“I just wanted to say that my niece (age 6) and nephew (age 3) love your music, especially my nephew! Words can’t describe how cute he is when he dances around and sings the words. If it’s on in the background, they play well (creatively and constructively) and I know they’re listening to the words. Thank you for being a positive influence in children’s lives!”
~Caroline Harper

Changing the Tune of Kindergarteners

A group of Kindergarten students listened to “I Can Do It” every day for a period of several months. Ruth visited the classroom and was greeted with each student sharing how the songs had helped them.

“I wanted to ride my bike. I fell off. I sang your song and then I go, go, go and my brother let go and then I did it!” –R

“When I fall this song helps me to get up again.” –A

“I wanted to hula hoop and I sang the song and I could do it!” –M

“Our two favorite songs are “Inside and Out,” and “I Can Do It,” both of which have concepts that students independently apply at appropriate times of the day. For example, while trying a new and challenging art technique, one girl very quietly started humming “I Can Do It” to herself as she persevered with her task. I don’t think she even realized she was doing it— the song seems to have embedded its skill into the very way she works through challenges. I am so grateful to have these songs for my kindergarten class, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your enthusiasm and skill with all of us!”
~Ms. Pizzi

Second Graders love “Time Out”

Ruth also visited a second grade classroom in Los Angeles and they sang and learned the movements to the songs for a week and a half. The song, “Time Out” which was not initially introduced, became their favorite song. At first there was confusion about the song because a “timeout is a punishment”. Once this was explained, the students understood and the shift in energy and calm that came over the classroom as they sang the song was like night and day, absolutely beautiful.

Many of the students internalized the concepts enough to teach them to others.

“Those songs, you can listen to them in your head over and over again. And say them not out loud but in your head, like if you are in an office or church and you need some confidence, to not talk…That’s what I do.” –G

He’s the boy at the end of the video. His confidence level and calmness changed considerably just after 8 days of listening to the songs.

Changing Your Tune Overnight!

Testimonials also come in all the time from people saying they wake up singing the songs from the album, Songs to Change Your Tune™. Which means, these songs are getting into their subconscious at night. First thing in the morning is how we start our day. We have a choice on how we want to start our day. When you are feeling good, more good comes to you! Listening to Songs to Change Your Tune™ will energize your morning routine into a high vibration and pave the path to more fun, happiness, joy and love!

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