We can all use a BOOST at times.

Want a quick, easy, FUN way to help your child feel
empowered, calm and self-assured?


Hi! My name is Ruth Wishengrad

I am a former elementary school teacher and creator of Songs to Change Your Tune™.

Want to inspire and encourage positivity?

This simple, easy and fun transformational song will work like a charm!

You’ll love this because it will positively change brain chemistry every time you listen

  • Children sing and move their body to these captivating, happy little tunes – and enjoy a lifetime of benefits.
  • Add these tunes to your morning routine to supercharge your day in to be CONFIDENT, FOCUSED and FREE!

Why do Songs to Change Your Tune™ work so well that even adults find themselves remembering them throughout the day and improving their positive actions? It’s thanks to your brain!

Yes, these tunes are designed to activate your brain’s scientific ability to build new neural pathways…

and they create new positive habits!

Enjoy Songs to Change Your Tune™
with all your mind, heart and soul — and watch how quickly life changes.

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