carolehart“Ruth’s songs are wonderful and wonder-filled. Children light up as they sing, dance and move with her. Ruth has an uncanny ability to help kids use their imagination and innate creativity.”
~Carole Hart, Emmy award-winning television and film producer/writer/director, best known for: Sesame Street​, Free to Be…You & Me and Hot Hero Sandwich.

julienewendorp“Ruth Wishengrad’s Songs to Change Your Tune™ are such a wonderful gift to all of us as they teach extremely important lessons about how to be happy, to feel good, to deal with emotions, and to live in a positive manner. The emotional center (limbic system) of the brain develops during 15 months to 4 years old. Children of this age are sponges and things go deeply into their minds. As parents, we want the things that are going in to be loving, kind, and positive so our kids grow up to be wonderful and happy adults. I play the CD whenever I am in the car with my grandsons. We love listening to the catchy melodies together.”
~Julie Newendorp As a Parent Coach, I teach about emotions and how to raise emotionally intelligent children. Minister, Mediator, Kinesiologist, and Brain Gym Instructor for over 24 years.

“I posted your information on my local California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists website, to share your great music and website with those that work with children. I’ve played your songs for therapeutic groups I give as well, to those with mental illnesses and substance abuse issues. So simple yet profound, and easy to “stick in your head!” They love them, and so do my grandchildren. 🙂 And so do I!”
~Susan Lambrose, MFT

“Ruth’s curriculum is unique in its comprehensiveness and its use of multi-sensory and multi-modal techniques will greatly assist children in the crucial development of self-awareness and self-soothing behaviours.”
~Dr Chiara Horlin, PhD, Neurocognitive Research Fellow

“Our two favorite songs are “Inside and Out,” and “I Can Do It,” both of which have concepts that students independently apply at appropriate times of the day. For example, while trying a new and challenging art technique, one girl very quietly started humming “I Can Do It” to herself as she persevered with her task. I don’t think she even realized she was doing it— the song seems to have embedded its skill into the very way she works through challenges. I am so grateful to have these songs for my kindergarten class, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your enthusiasm and skill with all of us!”
~Ms. Pizzi, Kindergarten Teacher, North Hollywood, CA

“I just wanted to say that my niece (age 6) and nephew (age 3) love your music, especially my nephew! Words can’t describe how cute he is when he dances around and sings the words. If it’s on in the background, they play well (creatively and constructively) and I know they’re listening to the words. Thank you for being a positive influence in children’s lives!”
~Caroline Harper, Santa Barbara, CA

melissa-jean“There is significant research that demonstrates the neuroplasticity of the brain and our ability to rewire neuropathways. As noted with Hebbian learning, “Cells that fire together wire together.” Combining music and movement are two established routes in rewiring new neuropathways that can lead to building positive emotion, resiliency and confidence. Ruth has beautifully created this combination to share with children and with repeated engagement they will most likely develop internal messages that assist them in daily living. Children need to connect with their own innate goodness, strengths & gifts to live happy and healthy lives.”
~Melissa J Burgess, MSW, NPC, Connections Coach & Founder, Birthing Deep Connections

“What pure delight … I hear it in your voice, in your song, and in your intention. Songs to Change Your Tune is something we all need (whether we know it, or not.) It helps me adopt a brighter outlook. This will help so many and have a terrific influence on our next generation(s.) Thank you, very much, Ruth!”
~Laura Courtens, Ojai, CA

“Ruth has developed a system to empower children, former children and seniors to overcome life’s obstacles and limitations. She infuses all she does with her love, enthusiasm and boundless joy. Her songs inspire you to go beyond the day-to-day hurdles we face, they literally get into your head and then reside in your heart. Introduce your children, your friends and yourself to her joyful and meaningful songs, you will be empowering yourself to a more fulfilling an effective life.”
~Hugh C. Browne, Photographer

Check out what some kids are saying…

“Those songs, you can listen to them in your head over and over again. And say them not out loud but in your head, like if you are in an office or church and you need some confidence, to not talk…That’s what I do.” ~G (second grade boy)

“I wanted to ride my bike. I fell off. I sang your song and then I go, go, go and my brother let go and then I did it!” ~R (Kindergarten girl)

“When I fall this song helps me to get up again.” ~A (Kindergarten boy)

“I wanted to hula hoop and I sang the song and I could do it!” ~M (Kindergarten girl)

“Songs to Change Your Tune” has been our go to music for the last year! It keeps our daughter (and us) so happy and calm on every trip in the car. We love the sweet melodies and valuable life lessons in every song! Such gems!
~ Daniel, Paith and Radia Gruszynski

Lifesaver on car rides! — “”Songs to Change Your Tune” are a lifesaver to us on car rides!!! I love listening to my son sing along and change his own tune. Thank you so much!”
~Ellen Nightingale, Speech Language Pathologist

Grand kids are riveted — “My grand kids love your songs. Every day they want to hear them again and again and they are riveted. Keep up the good work, you are working wonders here!”
~Letitia Harper, Grateful Grandma

Powerful Enough for Adults — “Thanks for the songs, they are simple and fun for kids and powerful enough for adults. When I listened to the first song, it gave me energy and affirmation to go on with my daily challenges.”
~Dora L., who lives with Parkinson’s

Music Multiplies the Effects of Affirmations — “It’s amazing how a simple affirmation combined with music magically multiplies it’s effect. I find myself harmonizing with Ruth’s jingles and immediately feel better. Yes I can, ‘I can do it!’”
~Koby Benvenisti, Goal Expeditor, Result Expert & Motivator

A Simple Tool that Works FAST! — “These are the simplest tools I have experienced to reset, recharge and shift my energy — and they work FAST!”
~Ricci Reardin, Founder of The Puppy Academy

Highly Recommended — “I love Ruth’s songs. There is enormous benefit to listening and singing these fun jingles. Highly recommended.”
~Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

Happy Family ‘Time Out’ Moments — “I shared these songs with my daughters, ages 4 and 7, and they really enjoyed the “Time Out” tune. They were curious as to why time outs are a good thing so I explained a little and we went over the lyrics of the tune. They still randomly sing this, especially the 7 year old, and the whole family enjoys our time out moments now!”
~Adina Klima, Doctor of Pharmacy

“Thank you – it was a great experience! Fun upbeat music, my child 13 month-old perked up and started dancing by the end.” ~Amanda L.

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