If there is a problem …

only when you become aware of the problem
Then – – – you can find a solution.

Last week I got together with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time. We talked about all kinds of things: the good stuff and some of the not so good stuff going on for both of us. I shared that I have been feeling in the best health I have ever felt in my life (with just one minor thing I’m working on). I feel better and better every day!

This and that was discussed and then he asked me if there was something wrong with my car. I said all was good, though every now and then I smell mildew after it rains. I have a leak in my car somewhere … I haven’t thought much about it. My car is old and those things happen, right?

Well, I’m sure you figured out the problem faster than I did …
Yep, mold!

What was the solution?
1) Buy a new car
2) Cut the rug out of the car

Because I became aware of the problem, and realized that it really DID need to be taken care of right away, I chose solution #2 (as a temporary and immediate fix). Well, maybe not so immediate …

Let me explain …
I found some tools and began to cut the carpet out of my car. I couldn’t find a mask and decided I wouldn’t put my whole head into the car, I would just do a small portion until the next day when I could get a mask. As I began to work, all of a sudden a crow flew over my car (in my driveway) and began to caw very loudly. The crow kept flying closer and cawing louder and louder. Then, I looked up and there must have been 8 to 10 crows that gathered and they were cawing louder and louder. So, I listened. I also started to talk to them. I said, “I hear you” and “I am going to finish cutting this last section and then I promise I will stop.” The cawing continued. Again I said, “I’m almost done and I promise I will stop and finish tomorrow once I have a mask and gloves.” I put the last piece of rug in a plastic bag, tied it up and shut the car door. I walked about 4-5 feet and by the time I made it to the lemon tree, all the crows had disappeared.

The silence was amazing.
That was some message.

And yes, here is a photo of me the next day…

A special thanks to my friends, David and Mary, who provided a safe garage (crow-free) and tools for me to finish the job (3 hours later …).

And what did I find?? Insulation and padding that was totally soaked and moldy. So very glad that I had a mask and gloves on!!

And, yes! My health is getting even better and better since clearing out the mold from my car. Thank you to all my friends who supported me on this adventure – – –

and yes – – – thank you CROWS for “cawing” to my rescue!


What problem did you not recognize as a problem for a while … and then when you did, you found a solution? I’d love to hear about it … Please comment below.

I’ll leave you with an inspirational “wish” … (or as my dad would say … )

“Every problem has a solution,
if there is no solution, there is no problem.”


Ruth Wishengrad, M.Ed.
A popular, creative children’s singer/songwriter incorporates neuroscience techniques into her songs to boost self-confidence. Ruth has a Masters in Education and has interacted and taught thousands of children about confidence over her 25 years experience in and out of the classroom. Ruth brings creativity, humor and fun to everyday situations and connects with children at a heart to heart level. Visit her at: songstochangeyourtune.com or send her an email at:  ruth@songstochangeyourtune.com




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